Learning Web Design

Learning fast

Being a web designer can be an attractive prospect for many people, connecting together latest trends in design, customer interaction and hopefully a good wage once you have got some experience!

What do they do?

Every website you visit needs at least one designer to ensure that you can navigate it in an easy manner. Sometimes it can feel as though they might have been absent during some of the stages, but they are still needed!

Every visual aspect of the site needs to be managed to work with the technical side of what happens. Web designers ensure that what the website is doing and what you see work together easily and end up giving you a great looking website which works well.

It may be considered to be an oversaturated market, but there are well over 180 million sites online and this number is growing every day. If you want to ensure that the website you are working on actually gets a look in with so many websites, it is important to realise the qualities that make a good web designer. If you are good at what you do there will always be work, so getting the right training and experience will help you no end.

Qualities needed

Obviously a good start is to be interested in computers and the internet! You should have a clear idea in your mind about how good websites should function – maybe not technically, but at least what people want websites to look and feel like.

You should also be creative, comfortable working with computers and have good attention to detail. Learning professional software such as Photoshop can often be done yourself through hard work and determination. You can also take courses at different levels of skill, so it is a good idea to look into the local services available to you to help you on your way.

Aside from just good computer skills, you will also need to have good personal skills as you will be working for others who want to talk over their ideas with you and the other way around. You will often have briefs to meet which may need to be discussed and have details ironed out, which can go much easier when you get on with the customer!

Getting Started

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to learn new skills on your own unless you have a lot of drive and ambition, so learning on your own is not for everyone. Similarly, everyone will need some guidance at some time in their life, so it can be a good idea to get help from tutors in various forms. Courses at colleges and universities are a great place to start and let you carry on the learning in your spare time. If you are already working or cannot get to such institutes due to other commitments, it can be a good idea to start home learning. There are plenty of courses available which lead to real qualifications. Places such as ICS learning or the Open University have great reputations and offer qualifications which are well recognised. You can also do work experience or unpaid work for established companies, such as web designers in London to help build up your skills.

With this and portfolio work that you can do yourself, you can quickly gain the skills and experience needed to complete work for clients both big and small.

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