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Our latest seo techniques

SEO has changed an awful lot over the last few years and mainly this is to do with link building; what works now is completely different to what worked a few years ago!

So it is very important that you are very careful with your link building as the search engines will definitely get stricter over time and get better at detecting unnatural links.

However, before contacting a company to get backlinks, it is important that you have devised an online campaign with an seo agency.

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Why do you need backlinks?

Your website will need backlinks to rank but if you build them badly you can find yourself in a huge amount of trouble, once you have a Penguin penalty (the Google algorithm that deals with bad links) it takes a very long time to recover as at the moment they only update it around once per year so you will have at least a year out of the rankings if you do this badly. Find out more.

It’s very important that your link building looks natural so make sure that you do not build too many too quickly and that the links are from high quality web sites.

If your web site has not acquired any new links in a good amount of time then it is not going to look natural if it acquires 1000 in a few days so you should build them gradually, to start with build only one or two per week so that the build up is very gradual.

How does anchor text work?

Also take a lot of care with your anchor text as it looks very unnatural if your web site has a lot of links all using the same anchor text if that anchor text is one of your target keywords. You want to make sure that your most popular anchor texts are your site name and URL. We then recommend using lots of variety with the rest which will allow you to use your keywords.

It is very wise to check your existing back link profiles using software such as Majestic. This will allow you to see what the most popular pages and anchor text used.

Relevancy is also very important too as links from relevant web sites and those with the same topic as yours are worth more than a link from a completely un-relatable website.

Blogs that are in the same industry as your web site are excellent sources of links as you can offer to give them free content that includes your link which many will gladly take and so everybody wins.

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